Swindle all the Way Slots

It's only October but the effect of Christmas 2017 is getting more and more noticeable in the online gambling world. The latest example is Realtime Gaming's new Swindle All the Way slot release. It has a crazily original theme of two robbers in Christmas outfits making their way to their next big hit at the heat of the celebrations, when all the decorations - mistletoe and lights, have been set up and no one is expecting anything bad to happen. The gamblers will find themselves hunting for the villains because the more the plans of these masterminds are undermined, the richer players will become.

Looks and Gameplay

The background of the reels displays a white fence that is just starting to get consumed by the thick snow, numerous big, beautiful snowflakes, a rather scary bridge in the misty distance and three dark green, untouched by the blizzard trees. The animated details are the snowflakes and the lights that are surrounding the reels. Some of the symbols themselves also perform subtle movements of their own. Apart from its spectacular, colorful looks, the game offers 5 reels with 3 rows, great symbols and spectacular bonus features that include free spins with multipliers. Symbols that you might come across on the reels are the regular card ones from A to 9 but with an appearance that is given a proper winter holiday style. There is a symbol that depicts the two robbers, a symbol of a newspaper with the big headline "ESCAPED!", an orange dog with a red nose that is barking with its full might and many others. The main bonus feature of the game is called "Pick to Find the Robbers!" and it offers a very intriguing set of rules, which involves a network of 5 reels and 3 rows of windows. Players will need to click on them in an attempt to discover a thief hiding behind each and every one. After the end of this stage of the bonus game, a certain number of free spins and a specific value of the multiplier will be announced and then the bonus game will really commence, granting gamblers an inspiring amount of earnings. Obviously, the more thieves are found the better.

Don't miss out on Realtime Gaming's great Christmas gift - Swindle All the Way. Also keep your hopes high for another snow-themed gambling adventure from the same providers - Asgard Slots.