It's Good to be Bad Slots

It's Good to be Bad slots is a fun and devilish slots game that actually rewards players for losing. This game produced by Real Time Gaming is available for online and mobile casino players. Mobile casino players can download the online casino app that sits on the home page of the mobile device and enjoy the game through this, or they can access the casino and game through their mobile web browser and instantly start playing the casino game. Online players are able to enjoy the game by downloading it through their casino choice to their computer or by accessing the casino and game through the instant play option. The instant play option allows the player to enjoy casino games from any computer or laptop with no download necessary.

Basics of the Game

It's Good to be Bad slots is a very colorful game with a devil watching every spin of the reels. There are three reels and one payline in this game. Players can place one, two or three coins per bet and use a set coin size of $0.25. Some casinos offer a set coin size of $1 with the maximum bet being $3. All of the payouts offered in this game can be seen next to the reels on the right hand side of them, The highest payout awarded is 600 coins and this is given when players land three of the burning red 7 symbols on the screen with a three coin bet. A two-coin bet awards the player 400 coins and a single coin bet award the player 200 coins.

Special Feature of It's Good to be Bad Slots

The special feature of this game is that it is good to lose. If the player lands four consecutive losses in the game, he is actually rewarded with a free spin. The player can take the free spin then or wait until he has accumulated more losses on the loss meter. If the player accumulates up to 29 consecutive losses, then he automatically wins the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot increases in value with every bet that is placed. Losing goes against every grain of sense when playing slots but when playing It's Good to Be Bad slots, there is a certain amount of sensibleness in losing.